Introducing 811U!

Welcome to 811U, Indiana 811’s training and education portal! Here you will find all the resources you need to understand the 811 process and the important role it serves in keeping digging professionals, homeowners, and communities safe. 

811U has you covered for all things Indiana 811 and damage prevention, including the Five Steps you should follow to dig safely, White Lining the location of planned digging, the meaning of each utility mark and much more! 

We invite you to use 811U as a training and education resource no matter what kind of digging you are planning, from building a skyscraper to installing a backyard fence! Companies and professional diggers will find a wealth of information for training team members and dissemination to their customers and homeowners will find more basic information, so first time 811 service users can become more comfortable and confident in the process.

Five Steps to Safe Digging
811 Utility Marks
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Homeowner Tools
White Lining
Private & Public Utilities
Midwest Damage Prevention Training Conference
811 Awareness