As a professional excavator, it’s your responsibility to contact Indiana 811 before digging to ensure the safety of yourself, your team and the community you work in. Contacting 811 is a non-negotiable first step to safety — every dig, every time. 

Failing to contact 811 before digging, even for small projects, can result in a tarnished professional reputation, inconvenient downtime, costly fines, severe injuries and even death. 

It’s crucial to always use the 811 system responsibly to contribute to a streamlined process for everyone. Only request utility markings for areas that you intend to begin work on in the near future, not requesting “just in case” tickets. Always provide complete and accurate requests. 

Below are several educational videos, most of which are courtesy of the Common Ground Alliance, which outline the actions excavators and facility owner/operators can take to use the 811 system efficiently.



CGA Facility Owner Video
CGA Facility Owner Video in Spanish
CGA Excavator Video
CGA Excavator Video in Spanish
Member Utility – Manually enter positive response by service area
One Minute to a Better Ticket – Attachments