Indiana 811’s design tools help you plan projects with existing infrastructure in mind. Decide which design tool is appropriate for your needs and get started today. Remember that neither a Design Inquiry nor a Design Ticket are substitutes for a Locate Request.


Design Tool Inquiry

  • A great early step and starting point. Best for initial project planning, when scope is being determined.
  • Must be completed online and registration is required. No restrictions on linear feet.
  • List of affected member utilities and, if provided, their contact information. 

Design Ticket

  • More specific and formal than a Design Tool Inquiry. 
  • May be completed online or by phone.
  • Restricted by the same linear footage limits of a standard dig ticket.
  • Member facility operators have 10 full working days to respond.

Contact Indiana 811 to submit your Design Tool Inquiry or Design Ticket through Exactix Pro. If you have not yet created an account, please contact our Online Ticket Support Team to get trained and to ensure your previous tickets have been transferred to your page.

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