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You can always call Indiana 811 at 811 to submit a locate request or check Positive Response, but the easiest and quickest way to submit a ticket is online with Exactix. 


If your digging plans are confined to a single street address, submit a ticket with Exactix Home.  All users of Exactix Home must create an account in order to submit a locate request. 

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If you have not yet created an Exactix account, please contact our Online Ticket Support Team to get trained and to ensure your previous tickets have been transferred to your page.

If you dig often or work on large-scale projects spanning several street addresses, submit a ticket with Exactix Pro. Exactix Pro allows ticket users to request locates and re-marks, check Positive Response, file Design Tool Inquiries and Design Tickets, and more.

If you have created an Exactix account, please submit your tickets below. 

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