THE DIRT – May 2023

811U Has You Covered for All Things 811!

For the grand finale to National Safe Digging Month (NSDM), Indiana 811 unveiled 811U, our new training and education portal! 811U is the one-stop-shop for all things 811 and provides industry stakeholders with the tools they need to fully understand the 811 damage prevention process and the role it plays in keeping digging professionals, homeowners, and communities safe and connected. 

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a homeowner digging for the very first time, 811U is right for you! With topics that include the Five Steps to Safe Digging to White Lining the location of your planned projects, identifying the meaning of utility marks and so much more, 811U has you covered for all your 811 educational needs. Each page features training and educational videos, helpful graphics and additional supporting content that will guide users through the 811 process and the essential steps for every type of digging project. 

We hope you leverage the resources offered by 811U to enhance your knowledge and comprehension of 811. We also recommend you share this newly launched educational portal with your colleagues, contacts at partner organizations and homeowners to spread awareness about the significance of 811 and empower others to carry out their digging projects confidently and safely.

Why is Submitting Excessive 811 Tickets So Bad? 

There are a variety of factors that can negatively impact the efficiency and effectiveness of the 811 system. One major one that has gotten worse lately is excessive ticket requests. When an excavator places an excessively high volume of ticket requests, it overwhelms the 811 process, causing delays and impacting the ability of locators to mark intended dig sites in a timely manner. 

Excavators can use the 811 system responsibly by taking certain steps such as requesting tickets according to a project timeline, only requesting site markings for areas that they plan to begin work on in the near future, not requesting “just in case” tickets and more. By following these practices, excavators can help reduce unnecessary requests, minimize delays and increase the efficiency of the entire 811 system and in their own projects. 

It is important for excavators to be aware of the impact that their actions can have on the 811 system and to take measures to ensure they’re contributing to a streamlined process. Watch CGA’s informational video on the steps that excavators can take to avoid overwhelming their local 811 center and positively contribute to damage prevention.

Indiana 811 National Safe Digging Month Wrap Up

Do Your Part. Show Us The Marks. White Line For 811.
This year, we focused our National Safe Digging Month efforts on educating homeowners and professionals on White Lining and the important role it plays in streamlining the 811 process. White Lining is a simple yet essential measure that homeowners and professionals should take. This practice saves both time and money and allows for utility locators to know precisely where your project will take place, helping them to avoid marking facilities that are not affected by the planned project.

We launched a digital billboard campaign in early April with strategically placed boards in high-traffic areas across Indiana. Our goal was to encourage homeowners and professionals to do their part and mark their intended dig site with white flags or paint prior to contacting 811 when completing digging projects this spring and summer.

Our White Lining message was also featured in several statewide publications, including My Indiana Home and Indiana Connection, as well as on social media. Learn more about White Lining today by visiting 811U

Indiana 811 Educates Baseball Fans on Safe Digging 
Indiana 811 teamed up with the Indianapolis Indians baseball team once again this NSDM to spread awareness about the significance of 811 and safe digging practices with baseball fans. Our engaging educational video series, featuring Indiana 811 mascot Holey Moley and the Indians’ mascot Rowdie, was played between innings and will continue to play throughout the baseball season. The video series provides valuable insights on the measures that should be taken to ensure a safe dig, such as White Lining and the Five Steps to Safe Digging. The Indians also launched their annual Home Lawn Makeover Sweepstakes that will continue through the end of June, offering an excellent opportunity to win a lawn makeover, courtesy of the Indians’ ground crew and sponsored by Indiana 811. 

Indiana 811 Educates Next Generation of Homeowners About Safe Digging 

In an effort to educate the next generation of homeowners on the importance of 811 and safe digging, Indiana 811 launched its Indiana 811 Kids Safe Digging Program during April. The program works to educate 4th graders throughout the state of Indiana about safe digging techniques and the role of Indiana 811 in keeping communities safe and connected.

Indiana 811 Helps Puppies Find Fur-Ever Homes at CGA Conference & Expo

Indiana 811 had a blast at the sold out 2023 CGA Conference & Expo, where we supported the event as the “Animal Attraction” Sponsor. The sponsorship allowed us to give back to the community by supporting Save A Life Pet Rescue, a local animal shelter in Orlando. As a result, three adorable puppies found their loving forever homes, thanks to the generosity of event attendees.


The Damage Prevention Councils of Indiana 

Indiana Damage Prevention Councils (DPCs) bring together underground facility owners, operators, government agencies, excavators, industry associations, and service providers to improve safety and reduce damages to underground utilities. Damage Prevention Councils also have a voice on legislation for excavation and related processes. For more information on our Hoosier DPCs, including upcoming meetings, contact information for personnel and more, visit the Indiana 811 website. Upcoming DPC meetings for the month of May can be found below: 

Northern Chapter 

May 31, 2023: Virtual meeting at 1:00 p.m.