Attach Files to Your Locate Request with Exactix!

Indiana 811’s online ticketing platform, Exactix, is packed with features that help you submit ticket requests more efficiently online. One helpful tool is the attachment feature, which allows you to attach photos and other documents to your ticket as you create it. You can add information to help provide greater detail about your ticket request in addition to the dig site description, such as visual references of the jobsite or projected timelines.

Once you have entered all the required fields on your ticket and before clicking on “Complete”, select the Attachments link on the top right hand side of the page. You can drag and drop files, or choose “Select Files” to browse documents from your computer. 

For more information on creating a ticket with Exactix, watch the tutorial video at the link below.

Video to Learn More

Attachments and other key Exactix features are only an option when you submit a ticket online, so be sure to visit for more information about online ticket submissions!

Safe Digging, 

Indiana 811