Indiana 811 Invites You to Rock Along to Brand-New Animated Video

Indiana 811 is extremely proud to present Holey Moley Rocks Safe Diggin’ – our brand-new animated video starring our beloved mascot Holey Moley and his rockin’ new 1950s look! Holey Moley came to life in collaboration with the New York-based award-winning animation company Idea Rocket and will air throughout Indiana on TV and radio stations, gas pumps through Gas Station TV advertising, social media, Indiana 811’s website, and more, ensuring that it will become a fixture in the Damage Prevention community for years to come.

We invite you to be captivated by Holey Moley as he performs a toe-tapping damage prevention jingle highlighting the importance of Contacting 811 before digging — which is fast, easy and free — and what can happen when you DON’T!



Indiana 811 is thrilled to announce that our Holey Moley Rocks Safe Diggin’ animated educational video, created in collaboration with New York-based award-winning animation company Idea Rocket, has won first place in the Commercial PSA category at the Los Angeles Animation Festival. We are honored to receive this prestigious award for our efforts in promoting safe digging practices and raising awareness about the importance of contacting 811 before digging.

This achievement reinforces Indiana 811’s commitment to fostering a culture of safety within our community. This video will live on for years to come and achieve its original purpose – to get “stuck” in the minds of all who hear it, so they remember to contact 811 every time they dig.

The video received buzz across the industry, as well as coverage in the prominent publication Animation World Network via social media and its website in the form of an article in which Indiana 811 Director of Marketing Mary Patricia Kindt was interviewed about Holey Moley’s 1950s transformation and the intricacies that accompanied the revitalization of the iconic mascot that is a living legend! Read more about the award-winning video and how it came to life in a blog post by Idea Rocket. Indiana 811 is eager to produce more engaging educational content in the future that, like Holey Moley Rocks Safe Diggin’, becomes a pillar within the damage prevention community and the general public. 

We would like to thank the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission for their partnership in this endeavor that will bring 811 Public Awareness to never-before-seen levels in Indiana!

Thanks for watching!