Thank you for submitting your locate request to Indiana 811. What’s next? The following information will be helpful to you.

  • Make sure the locate technicians have access to the proposed excavation area and that there are no animals at the site.
  • You are responsible for having private lines marked on the property. Private lines are lines that are owned and maintained by the property owner. These include, but are not limited to, underground lines servicing pools, grills, lighting and outbuildings. Please visit the private locates section of our website to find out more.
  • If facility locates are required, the member utilities shall respond by marking their lines at the proposed excavation area in the color code representing their facility (see chart below).
  • Per the Common Ground Alliance, “Positive Response” is a term used to describe the two types of action taken by a facility owner/operator after it receives notification of intent to excavate. The facility owner/operator must:
    • 1) mark its underground facilities with stakes, paint, or flags; or
    • 2) notify the excavator that the facility owner/operator has no underground facilities in the area of excavation.
  • “Indiana 811’s Positive Response System” means the status is communicated to Indiana 811 instead of directly to the excavator.
  • To check if the affected member utilities have provided Positive Response in Indiana 811’s System:
    • If you have an Exactix account, log in and view the Responses tab from within the ticket (see screenshot below).If you do not have an Exactix account, enter the ticket number and phone number using this tool then click on the Responses tab from within the ticket (see screenshot below). Some members may not communicate with Indiana 811 the status of the locate request, they may use their own system to offer updates on the marking status.Pipeline Operators are required to respond using Indiana 811’s Positive Response System per the IURC (Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission) Rulemaking #22-03.
    • Call Indiana 811 (811 or 800-382-5544) if you have any questions about the utility response.
  • Now that the members have responded, you can begin digging with care. Regulations mandate a two-foot tolerance zone on either side of the marks which means all outer limits of the underground facility, including above, below, and in a full radius surrounding the underground facility. In the tolerance zone, only certain types of excavation are allowed, such as only being permitted to dig with hand tools. The size of the tolerance zone will depend on the size of the underground facility, which is sometimes noted by the utility locating technicians.
  • For example, if a water line is marked as six inches wide, the tolerance zone on all sides of the line is two feet three inches from the mark. Only use mechanical equipment outside of the zone after you have exposed the line(s) by safely digging with hand tools. Learn more by reading the Indiana Dig Law and the IURC Rulemaking.
  • If the Member Utilities have not marked their facilities or notified you that the proposed excavation area is clear by the end of the two full working days, call Indiana 811 (811 or 800-382-5544). Provide your ticket number and the name of the member(s) that did not respond to request an Additional Notice. 
  • Locate requests are valid until 11:59pm ET on the 20th calendar day from the date submitted. If the digging will not be completed by that date, the markings become no longer visible, or your work location has changed, contact Indiana 811 immediately to request an update on your ticket.
    • Extension: If the digging will not be completed before the ticket expires, request an Extension at least 2 working days prior to the ticket expiration. Member utilities will have two full working days to respond to the Extension request.
    • Remark: If the markings are no longer visible and the digging is not completed, stop digging and request a Remark. Member utilities will have two full working days to respond to the Remark request.
  • Interested in entering your locate requests online? Some key benefits are:
    • Created in under 2 minutes
    • Include attachments (pictures, plans, etc.) when creating a ticket
    • Access to satellite/aerial view maps when selecting the dig site
    • Create, update, or check positive response 24×7 

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