As an Excavator, how do I see Positive Response for the tickets I submitted?

  • If you have an Exactix Pro account, log in to see the status of your requests from the Service Areas or Responses tab from within the ticket.
  • If you do not have an Exactix Pro account but want to see the status of a request, enter the ticket number and phone number using this tool then click on the Service Areas or Responses tab from within the ticket.

What are the Positive Response codes?

The current codes along with their descriptions can be found here. When an Excavator accesses the Responses through Exactix, they will be able to view the response along with the description and comment, if provided.

What if Members have different different facility types?

Indiana 811 Members can configure the Positive Response sytem in one of the following ways:

  • By Service Area – If there is one facility type listed or if the Member would like to enter one response for all facility types (ex: Water, Sewer, Electric, etc.).
  • By Utility Type – If multiple facility types are listed under your Service Area and you would like to enter a separate response for each type.

Who can see the response?

Only Excavators who have access to the locate request and the staff at Indiana 811 can view the responses.

Can I view Positive Response on a mobile device?

Yes! You can view Positive Response from a mobile phone or tablet.

Is there a cost to use the Positive Response system?

No, there is no cost to use Positive Response.

Will I be notified when Positive Response information is entered into Indiana 811’s system?

An email will be sent to the address listed on the ticket using the rules below:

  • Immediately after all Members respond OR
  • When the responses are due which is determined by the working day notice required by law
  • If additional responses are entered after the original positive response email was sent, another email will be sent each time a response is entered

If the Member participates, the status information they provide will be included in the email. If they do not participate or have not entered a response at the time the email is sent, Has Not Responded will be listed.

Can I respond back to the response I see from the Member as an Excavator?

No, you cannot respond to a Positive Response code within the Exactix system. If you need to update information on a ticket or have questions regarding the Members’ markings or response, please call 811 or 800-382-5544.

Will I still see “OK” at the dig site if the proposed excavation area is clear of the Members’ facilities?

The Member may choose to stop notifying the Excavator in the manner used prior to participating in our Positive Response system. For example: The Member may not mark the dig site with an “OK” if the proposed excavation area is clear of their facilities.