Exciting Exactix Upgrade – Excavators

Indiana 811 Excavators,

We are excited to announce an upgrade to our Exactix web ticketing software! Live NOW, you will find the following new features available the next time you login to your Exactix account:

  • The ability to enter locate requests by visiting https://811.indiana811.org/ from your mobile phone. An app is not needed. 
  • Excavators now have the ability to mark multiple locate requests as “complete” at the same time to help manage their tickets.
  • Excavators can now add a Job ID in a designated field at the time of ticket creation. The Job ID will also be shown in the excavator dashboard and will be included in the ticket text that is sent to the affected Member Utilities. 
  • Numerous changes to the wording and structure of Exactix to explain common questions and improve the flow and process of the ticket entry process.

Please be aware that all of this information will also be added to the terms and conditions that all Exactix web users will need to accept. 

Safe Digging,

Indiana 811