Indiana 811 Web Ticket Entry Program

We at Indiana 811 we are always trying to make it as easy as possible to dig safely. For Utilities and Contractors, we offer an additional option to submit a Locate Request, Indiana 811 Web Ticket Entry. Someone who is trained in our Web Ticket Entry program can submit their own Normal Notice Tickets, Remark Requests, or even request Job Extensions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Watch this video to see how easy it is.

Click here if video is doesn’t load.

We offer several methods of training:

  1. Online Training – Watch your computer screen and listen on the phone
  2. On site trainings at your facility – For large groups
  3. On site at the Call Center
For more information or to sign up for training please fill out an application here, or contact the Web Trainers:

Email address:

Kristin Swank

Ben Lievertz

Nicole Monroe

Training Materials

About Web Ticket Entry

Web Ticket Entry Manual

Mapping Tool Instructional

Finding and Mapping Subdivisions

Locate Request Information

Design Inquiry Manual

Design Ticket Training Manual

Read Before Training

Note: Web users still on .Net version of Web Ticket Entry can now switch to our newer Java Script version that can be used with all browsers and computers. For more information on this option, or any questions you have regarding Web Ticket Entry, please email: