Only digging at a single address? Do that instantly with Single Address Web Ticket Entry – no training needed!

Professionals can save time by using Indiana 811’s Multi-Address Web Ticket Entry platform to request locates and re-marks, check Positive Response, file Design Tool Inquiries and Design Tickets and more. Skip hold time on the phone and have instant access to Indiana 811’s services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with Multi-Address Web Ticket Entry

Getting trained to use Multi-Address Web Ticket Entry is easy. Training only takes an hour and is offered several ways:

  1. Self-guided online course – Available 24/7 and saves your place if you get interrupted. Click here and select USA 811 to get started.
  2. Weekly webinars (conducted live with a trainer)
  3. Monthly on-site trainings at the call center 
  4. On-site trainings at your workplace (for large groups) 

To sign up for a webinar or on-site training methods, or if you have already completed the online self-guided course, please fill out the application form below and read our Web User Agreement