Save time online with Indiana 811 Positive Response

Submitting utility locate requests online is the fastest and easiest way to get utilities marked, but Indiana 811’s online platform also offers additional benefits to help you get the job done.

Positive Response is a system that alerts excavators when a locator has marked or cleared a locate request for safe excavation. This valuable tool is designed to ease the pre-dig process and improve communication between excavators and utility owners, so you don’t need to visit a jobsite to know when it’s safe to dig. As we continue modernizing the safe digging process in our state, Positive Response is a key step in improving the way we locate and dig.

We encourage excavators and contractors to use Positive Response to save time and effort while on the job. Visit Indiana 811’s Multi-Address Web Ticket Entry tool to check Positive Response—just submit your ticket ID and phone number to view the status of your request.

Are you a member utility interested in implementing Indiana 811’s Positive Response System? Take advantage of Positive Response by contacting our Member Services team at

Thank you for your dedication to safe digging and the protection of underground utilities.