Base Map Update

Indiana 811 Members:

In an effort to better serve you, Indiana 811 will be updating the base maps used for notifications. The new maps include new streets, street name changes (I.E. County road name to 911 name) and more accurate road placements.

As you know, we are currently unable to precisely identify a small percentage (1%) of the dig locations requested on our maps. This causes the request to default to all of our members in a county instead of just those in the dig zone. As a result, you may at times receive dig notices that are not in your service territory. We realize this is burdensome but must err on the side of safety. This process should help to reduce the number of notices you receive that are not in your service territory and improve the value of our service and the notices you receive.

The implementation process requires action by you to verify your service area(s) on the new maps. We use a process called “Map Change Detection.”

Here’s how Map Change Detection works:

Map Change Detection is an automated process which allows us to update our statewide base map with new streets, street name changes, the physical movement of streets and the identification of your facility zones on the new map.

Map Change Detection will identify any change within 200 feet of the outer limits of your service territory with a recommended change to your service area polygon(s). You will have the option to either accept or reject the recommended polygon change(s).

What do you need to do?

  • Please print the instructions for the program.
  • Please use Internet Explorer as your web browser.
  • Log in to IRTH Internet at using your user id and password. If you don’t remember your password, please click on “Forgot Your Password” to have a temporary one sent. If you don’t know your user id, please contact Member Services at or 833-538-0923.
  • If you are unable to view the maps, please refer to the tips at the bottom of the log in page. After following those directions, if you still have issues please email
  • Members who have used the current base map to draw their polygons along roads will need to pay close attention that the roads have not moved out of their polygons.
  • Members who have drawn a service area on the map will only need to be concerned with the changes within 200 feet of the outer boundary of their service area.
  • Instructions for the program may be found on our website;
  • Members have until February 7, 2021 to review and make map changes. After February 7, service territories in the system will be presumed to be accurate.

As a reminder, each Indiana 811 member is responsible for establishing and maintaining the boundaries of their service territory within the Indiana 811 mapping system. Each member is responsible for payment of tickets that have been generated within their established boundaries. If you feel you have received tickets outside of your service territory, now is a good time to check and adjust the boundaries you have established within the Indiana 811 mapping system.

Your cooperation and feedback will be instrumental in our continued efforts to improve the value of the services we provide for you, our members.

If you have any questions, please contact Member Services.

Indiana 811 Member Services
Phone: 833-538-0923