Indiana Damage Prevention Council Southwest Chapter



The Indiana Damage Prevention Council, Southwest Chapter, was created to bring together underground facility owners, operators, government agencies, excavators, industry associations and service providers to address issues related to the goal of improving safety and reducing damages to underground and overhead utilities, and those in proximity to, or working nearby those facilities, to provide cooperation and coordination of construction activities, and to improve communication, involvement and commitment to these goals and to have a voice in changes related to legislation regarding excavation and related processes. By virtue of their membership in this group, all such individuals, agencies, and organizations confirm their intent to seek out and consider the input of this council before proposing, supporting, or opposing any new or revised laws affecting these issues.


Meetings: Southwest Indiana DPC  Meetings are usually held on the fourth Thursday of each month at 10 AM at the Washington Indiana Parks Building, 501 Burkhart Drive, Washington IN 47501

For more information contact Council Chair Tim Sanders  or Matt Tapp